Challenge Award Winners

Norfolk County 7 MRC

The NC-7 MRC's Green & Clean Nail Salon Project (G&C NSP) aims to address barriers to worker safety and health equity that were identified in... more

Minnesota Behavioral Health MRC

In 2011, in response to the North Minneapolis Tornado, the Behavioral Health MRC (BH MRC) collaborated with NorthPoint Health & Wellness Center... more

Mississippi Gulf Coast Medical Reserve Corps

“He Hits you because he likes you” project is an innovative idea as it bring a subliminal issue to the forefront. Executive Director Dr. Romeatrius... more

Familia Latina Unida

The Youth Health Service Corp has been successful in initiating programs in three high schools in the city of Chicago. Now the program has been able... more

Kansas State Animal Response Team Veterinary Medical Reserve Corp

In a disaster could you evacuate your home, without your pet? Preparation can prevent your need to answer that question and KSSART can help, by... more

Fort Bend County Medical Reserve Corps

Our project will implement a student led, 12 month, healthy living initiative to combat chronic diseases in children ages 6-19 and their parents. The... more

Ashland County-City Medical Reserve Corps Unit 1181

The challenge to the mental and emotional wellbeing of hundreds of residents in the greater Ashland County area is the loss of medical, emotional/... more

Tulalip Tribes Medical Reserve Corps

The Tulalip Health Clinic Diabetes Care and Prevention Program, in partnership with Tulalip Tribes Medical Reserve Corps, Tulalip Tribes Natural... more

Greater Taunton MRC

The focus area we have chosen is Mental and Emotional Well Being. The Greater Taunton Medical Reserve Corps (GTMRC) will partner with Community... more

Skagit County

Skagit County has identified that patients who are recently discharged from hospitals and long term care facilities are often re-admitted due to... more

Tri-County Medical Reserve Corps

"Keeping the Faith-Community Preparedness" addresses community resiliency by preparing community members to identify risks and emergency situations,... more

Central Georgia Medical Reserve Corps

The program is a community outreach initiative addressing heart disease and diabetes in a low or no income population, with significant numbers of... more