Application Questions

Ready to apply for this year’s MRC Challenge Awards?

When applying for the Challenge Award, narrative responses for some of the questions will be required. All of the narrative responses are limited to 300 characters per question. We strongly suggest that you prepare your responses in a Word document to ensure your responses are of the appropriate length.

Below are the types of questions you should be prepared to answer in the Challenge Award application:

Administrative Information:

Be sure to have your Housing/Sponsoring Organization’s legal name, address, contact person, and tax identification number (EIN number). It is extremely important to enter this information correctly; as this will serve as the Fiscal Host for any awards you received and will be listed on NACCHO’s contract.


Challenge Award Proposals:

  • Project Description:
    1. For the focus area you’ve selected, describe your program, initiative, or activity. Consider the following:
      • What is the program, initiative, or activity?
      • Who (i.e. local health department, local and national partners, etc.) is involved in developing, supporting, or leading the program, initiative, activity?
      • Where is the program, initiative, or activity taking place?
      • Why is this relevant to your local community/MRC unit?
    2. Describe the goals of your project
    3. Who is the target audience for your project?
    4. Describe the benefits and impacts your program, initiative, or activity will have on your community and/or participants.
    5. Describe what makes your program, initiative, or activity innovative.
  • Work Plan:
    1. Implementation plans: Describe how the project will be carried out. You should list any specific steps you will take.
    2. List your project timeline.
    3. What are your sustainability plans for your project?
  • Budget:
    1. Detailed line item budget of your estimated program costs.
  • Evaluation:
    1. Describe how you will obtain and report data, as well as measure your project’s success and community impact. Consider:
      • What evaluation tools will you be implementing to measure success?
      • How will success be defined for this project?