Challenge Award

What you need to know about the MRC Challenge Award:

  1. Challenge Awards will be made available for MRC units at up to $15,000 each.
  2. Challenge Awards will require you to write a proposal for an innovative project that aligns with one of the four focus areas listed below.

More information about the Challenge Award:

The Challenge Awards aim to focus innovation in areas that are aligned with national health initiatives that are also significant at the local level. Challenge Awards proposals should include a project that aligns with one of the four focus areas (Community Resilience, Chronic Disease Prevention, Partners for Empowered Communities, and Mental and Emotional Wellbeing).  Challenge Awards will be made available to selected MRC units for up to $15,000 each.

Applications for the Challenge Awards will undergo a competitive selection process. Please note: some units may already be conducting innovative activities in their communities. In this case, proposals for Challenge Awards may describe how funds would be used for continuing the project or for augmenting the project. New ventures are also acceptable and encouraged for Challenge Awards proposals.

The challenge is for MRC units to address community needs in an innovative way and then share their results with the hope that beneficial practices and initiatives can be replicated nationwide amongst the network of MRC units. Proposed projects may be designed to employ a number of approaches, such as educational programs, formation of unique partnerships and coalitions, community outreach, and creation of innovative tools or systems. Unit leaders can also use this opportunity to evaluate their programs and translate the processes and outcomes through research. As you consider project ideas for your Challenge Award proposal, it is strongly encouraged that you search for nearby universities or other academic institutions that can assist you with developing research methods and goals and analyzing the data obtained. We would encourage MRC units to consider collaborating with others within the MRC Network to submit an application on behalf of a group of units and/or community partners. If you choose to partner as a group, only one unit can submit an application and that unit must agree to be the fiscal manager of the award.

NACCHO’s MRC Award funding may not be used to purchase promotional items/giveaways or food and beverages.

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