Field Monitoring and Communication Outpost

Mon, 2015-05-04 14:17 -- 2525
Project Description 
The benefits of the FMCO program would separate any ordinary volunteer deployment group and make it an extraordinary group based off the training, equipment, and coordination efforts at the MRC’s disposal.The impact would be having a constant method of tracking and communication with the volunteers while they are in the field. Information is the key to response and recovery efforts. With the proper information and locations hazards or situations can be prioritized and managed better by the ICC. This program will help serve our community’s response and recovery efforts more effectively and quickly during a disaster or event. The impact of this program is that it will help to save lives, property, and the environment because it speeds up the rate of information that is shared and accurately pinpoints locations on a map for specific objectives. Moreover, the safety of our volunteers in the field is a major concern. With the FMCO program we are able to have a direct line of communication to each volunteer via a radio. Information and maps can be easily passed to others that are not familiar with the area volunteers are being deployed in. In terms of reporting the GPS Application will be used in the FMCO program to show volunteers movements, terrain covered, and observations made. This means any volunteer information is recorded and saved for review. Information such as this is extremely valuable when creating an After Action Report or documenting volunteer hours.


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