From the Ground Up Community Garden

Mon, 2015-05-04 14:16 -- 0031
Project Description 
Benefits of program: 1) Increase access to fresh fruits & vegetables. 2) Increase knowledge/a more educated community. 3) Involvement/self-empowerment of community members & MRC volunteers. 4) More active & engaged community. 5) Provide more opportunities for MRC volunteers to participate in public health initiatives. 6) Children/parents will learn how to make health choices by participating in the Community Garden & will utilize nearby services/assets. 7) Increased visibility of the MRC in the community. 8) Provides horticultural therapy to community members & MRC volunteers. Horticultural Therapy is proven to benefit individuals physically, mentally, & socially. All participants will reap these benefits, including MRC volunteers. Physical benefits are: increase range of motion, improve fine motor skills, improve coordination & balance, tone under used muscles, and increase muscle strength. Mental health benefits are: increased independence, self-esteem & observation skills, provides problem solving skills, decreases anxiety, encourages creativity, provides outlet for stress, anger & emotions. Social benefits are: opportunities to interact with others, commitment to a living thing, cooperation & team working skills, assists with dealing with success & failure, provides an environment to learn & be inspired by others, and is fun. These benefits improve overall mental wellbeing in turn making the community more resilient & will improve the Tulsa MRC’s capacity.


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