Medical Reserve Corps Behavioral Health Response Enhancement: A Collaborative Training Approach

Mon, 2015-05-04 14:16 -- 0004
Project Description 
Enhancing the skills of MRC volunteers will significantly impact the ability of these jurisdictions to provide disaster behavioral health support to the community and individuals affected by a mass causality event. Communities will receive effective behavioral health support immediately following a mass causality event and, in the long run, experience a higher rate of resiliency. The establishment of a FAC and the social and behavioral health supports it provides to family members is a critical component of the response to and recovery from a mass fatality event. It is imperative that we have a trained and skilled workforce that is able to provide the appropriate level of compassion and support to those affected by the incident. The roles of Family Briefer, Family Liaison, and Antemortem Interviewers are highly skilled positions at the FAC, and as such, require a training that provides behavioral health professionals with the competencies to perform them. If this training is done successfully, when a mass fatality occurs, our community will benefit from a prompt, compassionate, and skilled response to the needs of the people affected by the incident.


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