Miami-Dade Medical Reserve Corps Volunteers to Meet Hospital Credential Standards

Mon, 2015-05-04 14:16 -- 0283
Project Description 
The first benefit is the availability of credentialed and badged medical professionals who can be deployed by the FDOH-MD to care for patients during an emergency response within 24 hours of activation. Having this pool of volunteers able to supplement medical staff quickly will allow for the provision of quality treatment to continue uninterrupted when existing medical staff is exhausted. Having pre-credentialed MRC will also allow hospital personnel to focus clinical care and management of the incident rather than on administrative tasks.The second benefit is advancing our website to include a portal for MDMRC to post their profiles. This will serve to increase awareness in the medical community of the benefit the MRC brings to Miami. The healthcare community will also benefit from this portal because they will be able find qualified professionals to fill needed positions in their organizations. Miamihas identified the shortage of qualified staff to meet the demand of a large scale medical surge as a preparedness gap. Local hospitals do not have sufficient staff to continue to offer care during a long term response and recovery. Our healthcare partners are aware of the MRC but have expressed concern about the medical credentials of the MRC. We believe there is a stigma that comes with the word volunteer that has resulted in the hesitation in fully engaging with the MRC. We hope to remove that stigma and the true value of the MDMRC Volunteers will be demonstrated.


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