Need help with login?

Did you get an error message that your user name is either blocked or hasn't been activated?

You should have received an email from the site immediately following your initial registration. You must click on the link in the email to complete your registration and activate your account. Until you do this you cannot log back in to the site.

Are you getting the message “Invalid Unit ID Number.”?

Confirm you are using the correct unit number via the website. Make sure you are adding zeros (0) in front of you unit number if your number is less than 4 digits.

Did you get the message, “The name XXXX is already taken”?

This means your unit number has already been registered. Someone else from your unit may have already registered or you started the process but have yet to confirm the registration via the link in the email (see above).

I have not received the email to confirm my registration.

Please check your spam folder and with your IT department to confirm you can accept email from the site. If you can’t find the email and confirmed that your organization’s server did not block it, email You may have to change the email address on the account to ensure you receive emails regarding the MRC awards.