Show Me Better Health Chronic Disease Self-Management Program

Mon, 2015-05-04 14:17 -- 2498
Project Description 
To most effectively control and prevent progression of chronic disease, the most vital method for a patient to implement is self-management. The Show Me Better Health CDSMP, developed by Stanford University and taught by the Missouri RAC, is the best self-management program. This program has been proven to improve several aspects of chronic disease including exercise, cognitive symptom management, and communication with physicians. Improvements were also seen in self-reported general health, health distress, fatigue, disability, and social activities limitations. Participants also spent fewer days in the hospital, and there was a trend toward fewer outpatient visits and hospitalizations. By starting this program in Stone County, we will be able to help those affected by chronic disease to better know and manage their own health. With more of our population having better health outcomes, Stone County will become an even better community to “grow old” and more of the retired group will want to come to our county to live. Participation of the local health department and exposure of public health to our community will show residents that we are actively trying to improve our community health status, and that we are including all target populations in our efforts. The MRC program will also see improvements in recruitment, participation, and capacity-building because this program will target the audience that makes up a majority of our volunteer program, the retired population.


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