Strengthening the Community Fabric to Prevent Domestic and Self-Inflected Violence

Mon, 2015-05-04 14:16 -- 0100
Project Description 
Positive mental health allows people to realize their full potential,cope with the stresses of life, work productivity, and make meaningful contributions to their communities. It also increases resilience in populations at risk.Yet, it can be hard to prove the effectiveness of an intervention and particularly difficult to deliver that intervention when the individual at risk is not likely to ask for help. These previously evaluated programs increase awareness of the signs of domestic violence and self-harming behaviors among people who likely serve as informal mentors, confidantes and support systems for their community networks.Most importantly, both programs move beyond awareness and recognition to teach trainees how to appropriately respond to the needs they identify. By increasing trainee’s comfort level with discussing these issues,the programs are able to create a strong network of individuals not only recognize, but are able to proactively discuss and refer concerns with their client, colleague,student or others. While the “Cut It Out” program is targeted towards women, the program includes information about men as victims of domestic violence. And, by focusing QPR training for individuals who work with both youth and elderly,the UMVMRC’s proposed program package has the potential to impact community members of all ages.Similar programs have also demonstrated that trainees feel better equipped to manage the challenges in their own lives.


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