Kansas State Animal Response Team Veterinary Medical Reserve Corp

Project Description 

In a disaster could you evacuate your home, without your pet? Preparation can prevent your need to answer that question and KSSART can help, by teaching Kansans how to include their pets in disaster preparedness planning and understand what animal response teams offer pets during disaster response. Pets become a human health issue when people won’t evacuate, pets wander the disaster area and people return to rescue their pets, putting responders and owners at risk. KSSART can address these issues through this first state initiated education program (My PET Project: Pets Evacuate Too!) focused on teaching Kansans’ how to prepare for a disaster, individually with their own pets and collectively as a community of pet lovers. Included in this program, a better understanding of what animal response teams, first responders and the community can do together to manage pet needs as a part of the master disaster preparedness and response plan for Kansas. The underlying benefit, an inherent network of disaster preparedness and response support connected by a shared passion for pets and an invitation to participate in a project to save pets’ lives. As a pet owner, how should I prepare my family and pets? What resources are available for my pet? How can animal response teams help my pets, a neighbor’s, a friend’s? How can I help an animal response team? KSSART answers these questions for pet owners, the pet service industry, pet shelters, businesses and the community, by offering preparation guidelines, response resources and opportunities for involvement in animal response. The program must be easy to implement, with materials, tools and training for state, regional and county teams. The message must be clear, Kansas cares about people and pets, and KSSART advocates and teaches pet disaster preparedness and response!

Recent Blogs

"PAW"sitive Identity

Thanks goes to Brad Miller of Creative Outfitters!  Brad is a designer, volunteer and president of the Johnson County Animal Response Team (JoCART)!  He understood the importance of branding this new educational program and agreed to develop an image to readily identify the new educational program.  As hoped, the project is a collaborative effort, asking the county and regional teams to partner with KS SART to develop a consistent and clear message of preparedness that includes pets. 



"PAW"sitive Project Management

As a part of this project and the grant funding a project management tool was requested in the budget.  Several products were reviewed and a comparison matrix developed.  Finally the right project management tool has found and implemented to help track the phases of this project.  This product will help manage tasks, deadlines and resources used throughout the project.  

To learn more about this great tool for your team or your project go to:



"PAW"sitive Preparations

The website updates are underway to support the roll-out of "My PET Project:  Pets Evacuate Too!".  A great planning meeting was held and ideas have been developed to enable the website to promote and educate the public on the new education program.  There will be downloadable tools available via the website.  

The grant award was announced and the website updated with basic information about the grant process and the program.  For more information click on the link below: